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Helping heart-centered leaders unlock their creative potential and achieve holistic wellness through transformative and expressive writing.


Creative Leader.

"I am holding space and creating inspirational escapes through words and experiences for you to create, heal, and grow."

About Me

I am a 5x international best-selling author, founder, and CEO of Chestnut Publishing House and a Wellness Coach who helps leaders and their teams in heart-centered businesses, organizations, and communities discover the power of words and how to effectively use them to curate an inclusive and creatively well culture.

Through expressive writing, you develop an incredible power - the power to ignite emotions, challenge perceptions, and connect with your team and clients on a profound level. Sometimes, even the most brilliant leader needs a guiding hand and supportive voice who will champion their work and progress. That's where I come in.



Impactful Storytelling

Exploring the power of storytelling by guiding leaders in crafting impactful narratives to inspire and motivate their teams. This workshop includes exercises in narrative structure, storytelling techniques, and compelling communication.



Intentional Communication 

Exploring the importance of clear and intentional communication in leadership. This workshop focuses on writing exercises that enhance communication skills, such as active listening, providing feedback, and delivering clear messages.



Inclusive Creativity

Exploring collaboration, dialogue, and the integration of different perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds with effective writing exercises, resulting in richer and more diverse creative outputs.


Signature  Services

Whether I am speaking at your event or facilitating a writing-for-wellness workshop with a journal to accompany the message,  I strive to create a personalized experience for every person. With my energetic presence, I am committed to inspiring and motivating others in using writing as a tool for self-expression and healing.

  • Customized journals, workbooks, eBooks, and guides.

  • Signature or customized writing-for-wellness workshops for leaders and...

  • Not sure what you need? Let's explore what's available.

Join our podcast

The Reset with K. Podcast is an extension of K. LaFleur-Anders' work in the community which focuses on teaching creatives how to maintain a balanced life and to discover their creative formula and flow.

Along with her guests, K. will provide tools, tips, and inspiration that will encourage you to embrace healing and growth while embracing the creative process. All things are connected.

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