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Welcome to the Reset with K. Virtual Wellness Studio! 

Come as you are with your beautiful, lovely, perfectly-imperfect self.

Connect with fellow driven, down-to-earth women who are here to support you on your growth journey. You deserve self-care without judgment, pretense, or pressure. Rediscover your authentic self and love every part of your unique being. With group and individual wellness experiences, explore your mind, body, and soul connection and expand every aspect of your life.




Express yourself, build relationships and discover more freedom in movement.  


Break through barriers, create new habits and nourish your mind, body and soul.


Pause, take a deep breath and receive intuitive guidance at your own pace.




Meet Your Virtual Wellness Coach and Visionary Friend,

K. LaFleur-Anders

"I love empowering and inspiring women to take the pressure off personal growth by incorporating fun into their health and wellness lifestyle.

As a busy mom, I know how difficult it is to prioritize self-care.  I also understand how intimidating gyms and fitness classes can be.  As a certified Wellness Coach, Mind-Body Fitness Coach, and Barre Instructor, I'm here to help you identify blind spots and make healthier choices in the most fun way possible.  I will help you make healthier choices without judgment or pressure and with full transparency.

I'm here to unpack both physical and emotional weight right alongside you. Whether you're eager to feel more energized, building a business from the ground up, or just want to explore your own creativity, I'm excited to help you think out of the box to experience a more connected, vibrant, freedom-centric life. "



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