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When like-minded women connect, we make things happen.  Our conversations on the podcast are filled with passion that most often evoke either laughter or tears and sometimes both at the same time.  The words you will read will be uplifting. The events you attend will set you on fire and you will have fun!  The courses you take will add value to your vision and the workouts you engage in will encourage movement that you can maintain. 


We must commit to taking care of ourselves more but first, let me provide the support you need to put yourself back on your list of people you love.  We are embracing intuitive self-care.  We are striving to know ourselves so well that WE know what we need.  


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K. LaFleur-Anders

Invites you to breathe

I am a wife, mom, foodie, plant lover, freelance writer, and fitness instructor from Southwest Louisiana that calls Texas home.  With 10 years of experience in youth and adult fitness, I understand the deep need to bring more joy and acceptance to healthy living.  As a Certified Barre Instructor, a Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Mind-Body Fitness Coach, I create a unique lifestyle brand that equals fun, fierce, and friendly.  My desire is to use my gifts to extend love, offer encouragement, and provide motivation to women who just need to breathe and hit their wellness reset button.

I am the Co-founder of ITrain Sports Performance, the owner of The Sports Barre, and Co-founder of Reset YOUniversity.  I am so honored and blessed to have vehicles to spread love and encourage others to make themselves a priority by practicing self-care.


As a busy mom, I know how difficult it is to prioritize self-care.  I'm here to help you identify blind spots and make healthier choices without judgment or pressure and with full transparency.  Whether you're eager to feel more energized, building a business from the ground up, or just want to explore your own creativity, I'm excited to help you experience a more connected, vibrant, freedom-centric life by learning how to fill your cup first.

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