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K. LaFleur-Anders

Creative Wellness Coach, Wellness Writer, Author & Publisher

Hi! My name is K.! I am a wife, mom, and woman who loves life and tries to sprinkle love and positivity everywhere I go. Besides, there's enough negativity floating around. The negative folks don't need my help.  

Reset with K. is a vehicle to drive love, peace, hope, inspiration, and healing to those who need it. My creative wellness practice embraces my proven heart-centered formula of wellness + writing + community.


This blog and podcast embody my belief that fruitful connections and collaborations contribute to one's creative well-being. So, writing is how I express what I believe.


With an emphasis on mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being, my courses, workshops, and free resources (including this blog and podcast) will inspire women to prioritize well-being over well-doing but not abandon their goals or dreams. You can work on your well-being and do well simultaneously if you take intentional moments to reset and breathe. 


Here's your chance to reset and breathe. Dive in and reset with K.!

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