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about me

Hi! My name is K. I am a 3x bestselling author and publisher but most importantly, I am a wife, mom, and woman who loves life and tries to sprinkle love and positivity everywhere I go. Besides, there's enough negativity floating around. The negative folks don't need my help.  


As a Creative Wellness Coach, I use a writing for wellness approach to help women in business heal. Through blogs, workshops, courses, and books, I teach women in business how to use words to engage with their clients, families, and readers in a meaningful way.

A couple of years ago, I was getting dizzy from the rollercoaster ride of jobs, professional development, business building, and work-life imbalances. Between raising kids, business ventures, football practices, and being an emotional human being, I was barely keeping it together. And even though I don’t have everything figured out today, here’s what I do know. Writing has given this creative a renewed hope in her ability to express herself through the written word again. It is a tool that helps in the healing process. I know. It worked for me.

The Reset is a vehicle to drive love, peace, hope, inspiration, and healing to those who need it. My creative wellness practice embraces my proven heart-centered formula of wellness + writing + community. The Reset embodies my belief that fruitful connections and collaborations contribute to one's creative well-being. So, writing is how I express what I believe.


With an emphasis on mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being, my courses, workshops, and free resources (including this blog and podcast) will inspire women to prioritize well-being over well-doing but not abandon their goals or dreams. You can work on your well-being and do well simultaneously if you take intentional moments to reset and breathe. 


Here's your chance to reset and breathe. Dive in and reset with K.!

my philosophy

All things are connected. That's my simple philosophy. So, when a leader tells me she's not well or her team is not performing well, we write. While writing, we explore multiple dimensions of wellness to identify the roadblocks. We release what is not serving the overall goal of productivity, purpose, and impact to receive what serves the leader, the team, and their clients.


Get in Touch


I am no longer advertising publishing or consulting services. However, I may know someone in my trusted network if you're looking for a professional who offers those services.

If  you need a speaker for your event or you would like to participate in a co-authored book, this is the right place to get in touch with me.


I accept guest posts from women in business who want to share their stories from a wellness perspective. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me to discuss.

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