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About Reset with K.:

  • Reset with K. is a blog that helps women readers find balance in their pursuit of being well socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

  • My voice is conversational and expressive with full transparency. You should read what I write and feel like you're having a conversation with a girlfriend who is random but knows how to tie the message together and get her point across. 

  • My readers are women who are balancing careers or businesses and families. They have submerged themselves in their roles (personal and professional) and somehow forgotten about themselves. The goal of Reset with K. is to help them reset and return to who they were or even discover who they are as they prioritize their well-being.


Topics on the blog include:


  • Work-life balance: Are you successful at it or not? If not, why?

  • Balancing work, home, community, and self

  • Self-care strategies for a busy mom

  • How to not lose yourself in your roles (relationships, career, etc.)

  • What is the connection between traveling and mental health?

  • Travel: adventure travel, spiritual travel, or travel related to the beauty of nature

  • Real Life Experience Stories: first-person accounts of overcoming health issues, relationship challenges, reclaiming or discovering who YOU are, and how to establish work-life harmony.

  • Natural Beauty: ways to enhance natural beauty without the use of synthetic chemicals or invasive treatments

  • Fitness: how to take care of your body regardless of your fitness level

  • Wholefood Cooking: nourishing foods and simple recipes


Let's work together

  • I would love to interview you for my blog and podcast (I'm relaunching) if you specialize or are passionate about emotional, social, physical, or mental well-being. 

  • I am accepting guest posts! To learn more about guest writer opportunities,

  • As a Creative Wellness Coach, I collaborate with other women in heart-centered spaces on webinars and workshops. 


Email me at to find out more about each opportunity. 

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