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Reset with K. is a virtual wellness studio that empowers and inspires women to take the pressure off personal growth by incorporating fun into health and wellness.

From the comfort of home, we build relationships, release emotional and physical weight, and increase self-awareness. 


Our community provides a support system to make healthier choices, explore the mind-body connection, and experience vulnerability.  We create fitness experiences and offer weight loss programs that reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and reveal the strong uniqueness within.  


We invite women from all walks of life to reveal their true authentic selves while building long-lasting friendships together.


Relax.  Relate.  Release.




K. LaFleur-Anders

Certified Wellness Coach and Reset with K Founder

K. is a wife, mom, foodie, plant lover, freelance writer, and fitness instructor from Louisiana that calls Texas home.  With 10 years of experience in youth and adult training/fitness, she understands the deep need to bring more joy and acceptance to healthy living.  As a Certified Barre Coach with Barre Above, a Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Mind-Body Fitness Coach, she creates a unique lifestyle brand that equals parts fun, fierce, and friendly.  She also uses her gift of writing to extend love, offer encouragement, and provide motivation to women who just need to breathe and hit their wellness reset button.  


She is an inspirational writer, fitness coach, and speaker by day, and a sweatworking socialight by night.  She enjoys hosting exciting wellness chats and occasional Girls' Night Out events where women can go to relate, release, relax, and reset.  Make sure to check out the podcast for inspiration and for huge doses of love.

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