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30 Days of Gratitude: Inspirational Prompts to Help You Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Enhance your appreciation for the small and big moments of life by answering the following prompts over the course of a month. Each day, check in with yourself and journal about what you're grateful for.

Day 1: Write about a personal quality that you're thankful for.

Day 2: Describe a person in your life who has had a positive impact and why.

Day 3: List three everyday items that you're grateful for.

Day 4: Share an experience when someone showed you kindness.

Day 5: Write about a place that brings you joy.

Day 6: Describe a skill or talent that you're grateful to have.

Day 7: Reflect on a challenging experience that has led to personal growth.

Day 8: List five things you love about your home.

Day 9: Share a piece of art, music, or literature that moves you.

Day 10: Write about someone who teaches or inspires you.

Day 11: Describe an unforgettable journey or trip.

Day 12: Reflect on a small convenience or technology that improves your daily life.

Day 13: Write about a cherished childhood memory.

Day 14: Describe something beautiful that you saw today.

Day 15: Share about a hobby or pastime that brings you relaxation or satisfaction.

Day 16: List three accomplishments, big or small, that you're proud of.

Day 17: Write about a pet or animal that has enriched your life.

Day 18: Share about a delicious meal or dish you recently enjoyed.

Day 19: Reflect on an aspect of your health that you're grateful for.

Day 20: Write about a recent laughter-filled moment.

Day 21: List five simple things you tend to overlook that bring you comfort or joy.

Day 22: Share about a person who makes you feel safe or supported.

Day 23: Describe a recent moment of success or progress.

Day 24: Reflect on a hobby or pastime that brings you joy.

Day 25: Write about a favorite tradition or celebration.

Day 26: Describe an outdoor spot that you love to visit.

Day 27: Share about the best parts of your job or daily routine.

Day 28: Reflect on something new you tried recently and enjoyed.

Day 29: Write about a book, movie, or TV show that positively impacted you recently.

Day 30: Reflect on the past 30 days of gratitude—what impact has this practice had on your outlook or mood?

Remember, gratitude is not about ignoring problems or hardships. It's about placing emphasis on the positive and the good and creating room for hope and optimism.


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