Closer Than Any Sister

Don't let past friendships ruin those special connections meant for you.

I know people that are content with being alone.  They have been hurt by friends before so the thought of sharing their heart with someone else is frightening to them. They would rather be isolated from love than to feel pain again.

Friendships Are Earned

I believe that the saddest part about being alone is the absence of supportive relationships in your life.

I'm sure you have had people in your life who started off as your friend but then changed on you because they were not mature enough to handle your progress. You may have had people around that were jealous of you for whatever reason while pretending to be your friend. I am sure you have had moments where you realized that some of your co-workers, classmates, and neighbors should have only been addressed as such and never have been given the privilege of becoming your friend.  You were probably lied to and lied on. Tears have been shed, hurt has been experienced and your back has been stabbed. 

The Gift of Friendship

I used to think that I needed a large group of friends. As I got older, I discovered that one great friend is better than ten good ones. That one loyal, trustworthy friend will love and respect you enough to hold you accountable when you are heading down the wrong path and uphold you in prayer at the same time. Do not let your experience with "friends" in the past distract you from the true friendships that God has designed to bless your life.  And most importantly, make sure you are showing up for yourself and being your own friend as well.

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