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How to Drop Assumptions to Gain Clarity

Assuming feels like mass confusion sometimes.

There's nothing better than knowing. Not guessing, assuming, saying "I think so", or I "guess", will ever measure up to "I know". But how do we get to a place of knowing when there's so much to question these days? Misinformation, people who've mastered pretending, and inconsistencies in someone's actions vs. their words, leaves us in a place where we do so much wondering and asking "what if" or simply saying "I don't know".

Early mornings have always been my favorite.

Early mornings have always been my favorite. Specifically, early mornings on Saturdays have always been my favorite. I know that's the morning people usually sleep in from an exhausting work week. I typically have exhausting work weeks too but there's just something special about waking up early to listen while everyone is still sleeping. While everyone in the house is resting, peace is present and it's so quiet. Finding a room or space to just sit still, listen, and get clarity about your direction or relationships is refreshing. Sitting or kneeling to listen for instructions or to soak in some wisdom is revitalizing. Being alone to think through what you've been unable to understand is necessary. Being still in a quiet place to pray is a must. Having the focus to actually have a conversation with God without the noise is essential.

Are you wrestling with not being clear? Is there anything you need clarity about that you've just been unable to grasp? Wake up early before the sun rises. Wake up to listen, to cry, to pray, to meditate, to think, to journal and whatever else you need to do to flow in peace and understanding.


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