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Faith vs Reality: Who Are You Betting On?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. - Hebrews 11:1

Even if you never attended a church service in your life, you've most likely heard or read this scripture. I believe it wholeheartedly. Having spent the majority of my life believing in the power of faith, what's crazy is I don't think I've fully activated it yet. I struggle with activating faith in my life as it pertains to business. Sometimes it's hard to get past reality. The battle between faith and reality is real in my heart and head.

I know I'm not alone in this. And I especially know it's a real struggle for people who believe they are meant to start a business even though they are working full-time. However, in my experience and conversation with others, there's not much of a struggle with starting a business if it is intended to be a side hustle from the jump and it stays that way. For example, suppose the business was created to bring in extra money or used as a creative outlet; faith and reality seem to work just fine together. However, when the side hustle or passion project starts to morph into a business that you enjoy, that's when the challenge can rear its ugly little head. That's when things get real. That's when you find yourself at a fork in the road with the feeling of having to choose between reality and faith.

If you're looking through the lens of faith, everything is possible. - K. LaFleur-Anders

As a creative, it takes faith to create. You have this idea that is not yet a reality, but you feel it will be. You trust that it will be. Even though you work full-time because you love what you're creating, it doesn't feel like work, so you're able to separate the two. The enthusiastic energy behind your business helps you create this beautiful masterpiece of whatever you envisioned. Even if you have to shift in how you're creating, you are, and that is freeing. It's easier to operate with faith when joy and passion are present.

However, what happens when you get more engulfed in what brings you joy? You start to compare the feelings you experience while working at your job versus how you feel when you're doing what you love. Even if you love what you do at work, sometimes you start to consider other factors. More free time, making your schedule, and doing things your way are only a few things considered. You discover that this business, which was intended to add to your already established life, is slowly taking over as your passion grows for it. Your business begins to look like a viable replacement for your job. So, here you are. You've come to a sign at the fork in the road. One arrow is pointing towards faith, and one is pointing towards reality. Which one do you choose?

Faith will tell you that it's okay to leap and go for it. Reality will bring in tons of "yeah but." Faith says you will make the money you need, and you won't lack anything. Reality will have you at the laptop with a budget spreadsheet analyzing your savings account to see if you're ready. Faith will cause you to be excited about the support you'll receive when you find your people. Reality will shine a light on the support you're lacking right now. Faith will offer a euphoric feeling. Reality will shut all of that down. Faith will encourage you to move regardless of what you see. Reality will influence you to be still because of what you see.

Doubt and fear live in our reality. Think about it. From social media to what the "norms" are in society, they are governed by doubt, fear, and limits which will shift your beliefs. Everyone is doing the same thing, making you think you have to do the same. For example, you may not have a strong social media presence because you enjoy connecting in real life. That sounds wonderful to me because I am the same way. But social media will make you believe that you need it. And the experts that live and breathe it may tell you the same. So you adopt that as the reality for a successful business. However, networking and engaging in real life still work, and you can be just as successful without a strong social media presence. I can testify to that. You're not limited to building a social media following, but the reality of today will convince you that you are and cause you to doubt any other marketing avenue you want to explore.

Here's the actual reality. You will never be fully ready. You'll never know it all. You may never get support from the people expected to support you. You may have to start with a small budget and build your business organically. But, even if you have to continue working full-time right now, activating faith can change your reality to be exactly what you don't see but envision. Faith will bring you to a place where you're able to see beyond what you can see. Faith works. And whether you believe it or not, you activate it every day. So, as it relates to your business, choosing faith is the way to go, especially if choosing faith means you're also choosing joy and peace. It's the best package deal that you will ever choose.

Faith is the path I choose to travel. I'm placing my bet on faith. What about you?


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