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A Grandparents Love is a Gift

The love of a grandparent is a unique gift from God.

When my grandfather died, he took a huge part of my heart with him.  I'm so amazed that after all these years I still cry for him because I miss him so very much. There is a longing to hear his voice and the wisdom that he was so full of. 

The love he had for his family was so precious and I will never forget what he added to our lives.

Since birth, he played a very important role in my life.  No, he wasn't my Dad but he could have won an Oscar award for playing the part.  I will always honor his memory and the fact that he will always be with me.  Love will forever keep us connected.

Pass It On

Who do you honor?  Whose life and love can you credit for your success?  Who has been the difference maker in your life?  Make sure you let them know how much you love, respect, and appreciate every hug, kiss, encouraging word, and even correction they have given.

My grandfather always made me feel invaluable. You know, people who really love us give gifts that are priceless. They can't be sold but they can be shared. I am going to give that same gift to others.  You should take the gifts that you've been given from that special loved one and pass it on.


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