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Honoring Moments of Rest

Our bodies are designed to relax. Honoring moments of rest allows our bodies time to recover from physical and mental exertion. Constantly being on the go for long periods of time is not sustainable. Our health, be it physical or mental, require moments of peace and quiet. Stillness.

We are consumed with the unending distractions of work and the daunting tasks of our endless days that begin early and end late. As we are confronted with exhaustion and limited time and patience, we do not allow ourselves the space to do the things we enjoy most. We are not giving our bodies the rest needed to recover. Creating pockets of time to rest gives clarity and renewal of strength.

Letting go of the expectation to do it all and filling the calendar with activities and work can leave you feeling empty. Not making room on your schedule to do nothing is not respecting what your body is craving. Rest. It can be challenging, especially when you look at your lengthy to-do list.

Our bodies have a built-in reminder that oftentimes, we refuse to respect. By ignoring the signs our vessels have demanded, you are telling yourself, “I do not need to rest. I can do one more thing.” The clues are there for you to rest. Take the time to give your body what it needs.

The dishes can wait. The project can be temporarily put on hold. As your body desires the opportunity to rest and you ignore the signs, you will become depleted, unable to function or make sound decisions. There may be times that you find yourself becoming delirious and unable to use good judgment. Decision-making will be lacking, and you will begin to question, “Am I doing the right thing?”

If you have injured your ankle, think about the visit you may have made to the doctor’s office. You are told, ”It is not broken or sprained but to stay off it for a few days, and you will feel better.” After resting it, you notice that it feels better, and you can walk on it again. The words may come from the doctor, but healing will happen when you rest.

It is imperative that we listen to the cues our bodies give us and rest. Whatever season of life you are in, take the time to slow down, put your feet up, do NOTHING, and rest. Listening to your body’s needs is honoring the recovery that has overstimulated our present state.


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