How much do you believe?

Do you really believe? Ask yourself and then reflect.

Running a 5K had been a desire of mine for years!  Something always happened right before the race.  I either experienced an injury, had to spend the registration money on some shoes for my son or something else unexpected. But a few years ago, I was finally able to cross the finish line.  I ran through a beautiful trail of colorful Christmas lights with hundreds of other running enthusiasts and their families. 

The Finish Line

I asked my family to wait for me at the finish line.  I envisioned me running in slow motion and breaking through the tape, although there was no tape at the finish line.  We all started off strong, cheering each other on as we ran to raise funds for an awesome cause.  However, about 30 minutes into the run, you could hear heaving breathing and children crying because their feet were tired.  My legs were cramping up and my feet were tired too but I kept pushing.  It was dark in certain spots and I started thinking that maybe I could just disappear into the darkness and find a magical horse with wings that could fly me over that finish line.  But halfway through the trail, I saw the silhouette of my husband.  I can find that man in the dark without a light.  He brought the kiddos along to finish the journey with me and this was certainly right on time.  Their presence motivated me and I pushed my way through this experience in an effort to make sure that I gave it my all and left with no regrets.  Their support was so instrumental to me finishing and I will never forget the look on my son's face when he said "I'm proud of you Mama".  My heart melted...  My husband gave me a kiss and expressed how proud he was as well.  He gave me such encouraging words and inspired me to keep running.  I'm so grateful for his love.

It's time to train for another fun and I can't wait. This time, I hope to see my family at the finish line yet again. I want to encourage you to keep running.  We all get tired in life but our endurance and motivation to keep going inspires others as well ourselves. Stay the course and keep running!

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