In Memory of You: How will you be remembered?

Death is going to happen to us all.

Death is something you can't avoid.  When your family gather together to write your obituary, what will they say about you?  Who can they invite to say a few words about your character?  What friends can they ask to genuinely say some nice things about you?  Will they say that you were a real, loving person?  Or will they describe you as fake, selfish and rude?

Search your heart.

Heart Work

Really think back and analyze what type of mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, friend, co-worker, employee, employer or church member you have been. Will they say great things about you? Have you been truthful? Or are you just the kind of person that tells people what they want to hear because you're afraid they will reject you?

Start the renovations on your heart.  Repair broken bridges.  You may need to cross over them at some point in your life.  Pray for direction.  Sometimes we think we know but we have no clue of the root of our problems.  It will change the course of your life, you will change lives, and you will be remembered for doing so.

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