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JOYFull Journaling Leads to Ridiculously Positive Results | The JOYFull BadApp

Are you struggling with productivity? Do you feel you can’t get anything done or are constantly behind? You are not alone, my fellow BadAss. I have been there too. The good news is that there is a way out, starting with getting to know yourself better. Developing self-awareness through journaling is a key part of my JOYFull productivity system, and it can be yours too!

Why Journaling?

The first step in developing self-awareness is acknowledging that you don’t know everything about yourself. I know, that can be really hard to do, especially if you are used to being in control all the time. Trust me, I get it. When I burned out from public education in 2012, I didn’t know myself at all. I constantly felt like I was wearing a coat that was too tight. Journaling and several other tools I will share in future articles have helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

The fact is, we are always changing and evolving and the only way to keep up with that is to check in with ourselves regularly. For me, journaling is the perfect way to do that. It allows me to dump everything that is swirling around in my head (and keeping me up at night) onto paper so that I can see it more clearly. As a professional overthinker, journaling helps me clear out the crap that lives in my brain and blocks my energy. Once it’s out, I can determine how to handle it and move forward.

The great thing about journaling is that anyone can do it! You don't need special equipment or supplies, just a pen and some paper (en just your phone!). I personally prefer a colorful, hardback journal with a little pocket in the back. I love embellishing the pages with watercolors, stickers, and colorful pens.

As for what to write about, there are no rules. Just let whatever wants to come out, come out. I usually start by expressing gratitude, then move into a brain dump. Sometimes I follow that with a prompt or question, but I just start writing and see where it takes me. The important things are being honest, showing up for yourself, and doing the work.

Benefits of Journaling

1. It Helps You Get to Know Yourself Better

The more time you spend alone with your thoughts, the better you will get to know yourself. Who are you when no one is looking? What do you really believe? What makes you tick? These are all important questions that can only be answered by spending time alone with your thoughts. And the best way to do that is through journaling.

2. It Increases Your Self-Awareness

increased self-awareness leads to increased self-esteem and confidence. When you know yourself better, you like yourself more. When you like yourself more, you feel more confident in who you are and what you have to offer the world. It’s a beautiful cycle that starts with spending time alone with your thoughts—AKA journaling!

3. Journaling Helps You Solve Problems Creatively

We’ve all been there…stuck in a rut, not knowing how to move forward. This is when journaling can really come in handy! By spending time alone with your thoughts, you allow yourself to devise creative solutions to whatever problem you’re facing. And sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to see things in a new light and find the solution that’s been right in front of you all along.

There are many benefits to developing self-awareness through journaling, such as getting clarity on what you want, gaining insights into your behavior patterns, increasing your emotional intelligence, and deepening your connection with yourself. But the best part is how good it feels!

When you commit to checking in with yourself regularly, you are sending a clear message that you matter and that your needs are essential. And when you do that, doors open, and possibilities show up that you never even knew existed! Trust me on this one – give journaling a try and see for yourself how transformational it can be.

Sound good, but not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips that have worked for me and the many women who have attended my journaling sessions:

1. Find a comfortable place to write where you will not be interrupted.

2. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just write whatever comes to mind – no editing!

3. Keep it consistent by journaling at the same time every day or week.

4. Be honest with yourself – this is not a place for judgment, only reflection.

5. Reward yourself for taking this important step in developing self-awareness!

Self-awareness is key to living a JOYFull life because it allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. By taking the time for reflection, you can learn more about your needs and how to take better care of yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about developing self-awareness or productivity, download The JOYFull BadApp! Our digital learning academy has systems and solutions for helping you create your own #JOYFullProductivity!


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