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Leading Well Series Episode with Brigett Kash - Women's Leadership and Mindset Optimization Coach

In this inspiring episode of the Leading Well series of Reset with K., host K. LaFleur-Anders has an uplifting conversation with Brigett Kash. Brigett brings 30 years of experience in health and wellness to her expertise as a leadership and mindset optimization coach. They explore the concept of leading well in terms of well-being and wellbeing, as well as how personal experiences shape the journey to empowerment and fulfillment. Brigett highlights the importance of self-awareness, acceptance, and the pursuit of purpose to unlock one’s full potential.


Key Quotes:

  • Brigett highlights, "We are a product of our choices, not our circumstances."

  • Brigett emphasizes the necessity to be open to change for personal growth: "It's really just taking that leap of faith and having some tools and strategies to know what to do."


For more information on Brigett's coaching services and programs, follow her on Instagram @bodybybrigett and visit her website to explore the Purposeful, Powerful Self course.


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