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The Lessons Life Has Taught Me

I don't think I have been this confused or pulled in this many different directions ever before in my life. 2020 has been both good and not so good to me. I have lost friendships, shifted in my career, found new courage, felt confused, battled health challenges, overcame mental health challenges, and explored nature like never before all in the past 11 months. Even still I can't say that 2020 was a waste. I've learned many lessons during this time of personal growth.

I've learned that I deserve to be treated with respect and honesty just as I strive to be respectful and honest to others. I've learned this year that love truly does conquer fear and if we open ourselves up to receive more love, it will be easier to give. I've learned that writing is truly a tool for ministry and that I can affect change with the words that I speak and the words that I put on paper. I've learned that everyone who you thought would join you on your journey in life may not want to join you on your journey. That life is a series of learning experiences, some of which you have to learn alone but some of which you will learn with others. I've learned that my family is the absolute greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I know it's cliché to say you don't know what you would do without people but I truly don't know what I would do without them. My husband is so awesome, my kids are so loving, and they complete me. I feel like a part of my purpose is to be here with them doing whatever we do no matter what it is or how we do it.

I hope to be effective with everyone who I meet in my path and pray that the people that I meet be just as effective in my life. I am hopeful about 2021. Even if it brings the same uncertainties as 2020, I will make adjustments and continue to strive for wholeness. There is a lesson to be learned in chaos. Regardless of what happens around us something can always be learned. I have learned so much this year and I hope you have too. But I am also aware that there is more to learn and I am ready.


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