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Leveraging Your Personal Power: Transferring Corporate Skills for Your Entrepreneurial Success

I worked at Dell Technologies for years. Throughout my time there, I learned so much about myself. While in the midst of doing the work there, I don't remember ever acknowledging my strengths. However, I often focused on my weaknesses. I do remember that. Since leaving, I've been able to explore new skills and improve those that were lacking. But I've also acknowledged and accepted what makes me a badass and have transferred those skills to the work I do in publishing and creative wellness.

See, in the corporate world, your skills are your currency. They shape your reputation and fuel your progress. Recognize these abilities? They're more than just tools for your current job—they're the building blocks for a successful business. Start with what you know and do well. Expand from there.

Leverage Your Strengths

If you excel at customer service, let that skill be the foundation of your business model. Customer satisfaction drives loyalty, referrals, and revenue. Your attention to the client's needs must be second nature. Respond promptly. Listen actively. Solve problems efficiently. Excellence in service isn't an option—it's your business's main ingredient.

Build on Solid Ground

Personal power comes from honed skills. If organization is your strong suit, use it to create streamlined business processes. If leadership is your forte, guide your team with confidence and clarity. Your standout skills are not just habits. They are your competitive advantage. They distinguish your business in a crowded marketplace.

Address Weaknesses Wisely

No one excels at everything. Acknowledge the skills that need improvement. Don't let them be your downfall. Instead, view them as areas for growth. Invest in learning. Seek mentorship. Practice persistently. Adaptability is key. Mastering new skills enhances not only your business's capabilities but also its resilience. Plus, it's intellectual wellbeing at its finest.

Continuous Learning is Critical

The pursuit of knowledge is a journey with no end so stay informed. Trend awareness can lead to advantageous pivots and innovations. The willingness to learn can often differentiate a thriving business from a stagnant one. Education empowers. It broadens your skill set and deepens your expertise.


Your personal power can shape a successful business. Recognize and utilize your strengths. Commit to turning weaknesses into assets. Never stop learning. Your skills have served you well in the corporate world. They are primed to be the foundation of your entrepreneurial success.

Journal Prompt

What was your strongest skill in a previous employment? How can you transfer that skill to positively impact your business?


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