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Making Space for Well-Being and Creativity

I want to challenge you to really look at your "space" as being not just your physical space. The first things we normally think about are organizing and cleaning up. However, in addition to your physical space, I also want you to think about creating a balanced mental space, social space, and emotional space that will all help to support your well-being and creativity.

Physical Space

So first, we're going to address physical space because physical space is what we think about whenever we say "space". When we think about the definition of space, it is an area that is available and free. Start thinking about what to add to the room where you spend the most time and add life and positivity to it. Adding a beautiful plant to your home or office will spark creative ideas and improve productivity. Not only do they add a pop of color to the room but they have a bigger purpose. They clean the air and help us breathe. Go into your space. Look around. What makes you feel well in your physical, mental, social, and emotional spaces? When you are thinking about creating what makes you comfortable? Do you need a cup of coffee or a cup of tea? Do you need a soft blanket around your shoulders? Are you more creative while listening to music? Mental Space

I am a huge believer in clearing your mental space. Most of what happens in our lives have everything to do with how we think. Burnout, stress, and self-doubt give fuel to negative thoughts. You will begin to question your abilities and in some way, these thoughts will be a roadblock to your creativity. Journaling and brain dumping are great ways to release your negative thoughts. You may also want to add an outdoor activity such as hiking or kayaking as a way to clear your mental space. Not only is physical activity great for your body but also for your mind. Examine your thoughts. Get a notebook and start dumping. What are you watching or listening to? What are you entertaining? Are you spending too much time on social media? Are you comparing yourself to others? Are negative thoughts outweigh positive thoughts? Social Space

In your personal and professional lives, who you are surrounding yourself with matters. Let's think about your social space as your inner and outer circles. Take a good look at your circles and make sure you are connected to positive and forward-moving people. There may come a time when you have to break ties in business and personal relationships. This does not have to be a negative move. It could simply mean that you and the other person are in two different seasons in your lives. Just be careful not to burn bridges and stay away from fire starters. You can't control who starts a fire on the other side of the bridge but you can control your participation in it. Surround yourself with people who aren't jealous or intimidated by the success of others but rather inspired. Take a look at your inner and outer circles. Who are you having conversations with the most? How do you feel when the conversation is over? Who are you confiding in? Who supports you? What partnerships have been beneficial to both parties? Do you have balanced relationships in your life? Emotional Space

As the saying goes, check your emotions at the door. Check your ego. Don't get lost in your feelings and let them rule you. Seek emotional balance and emotional intelligence so that you don't misinterpret others or misrepresent yourself. Emotional intelligence teaches you how to respond when to respond, how not to respond, and when not to respond. However, make sure you're not masking your feelings. Masking things only causes you to not show up as yourself but instead show up as someone totally different. Don't miss your opportunity to connect with people that may add fresh ideas and a new creative perspective due to your feelings. Think about how you're feeling. What's the dominant emotion you feel on a regular basis? How are you feeling today? Has there been any significant change in your emotions? How do you feel about others in general? How do you feel about yourself?

Writing Prompts

  1. What situations, circumstances, places, or people seem to trigger negative emotions within me?

  2. What boundaries are needed so I can return to well-being?

  3. What or who do I need to release in order to clear my physical, social, mental and emotional spaces?


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