Courage: Do it anyway!

You have to keep moving.

I always hear people say that courage is not the absence of fear but it's doing things although you're afraid. Whoa...

No Courage

When I first heard that I was intrigued to find out whether or not I had courage.

I quickly found out, I had none. I had let the fear of being rejected or of simply not being good enough paralyze me.  I settled for longing to fulfill my dreams from a distance because I knew I would have to face some things I just didn't think I could handle.

Dig Deep

It's funny how you discover your hidden treasures though.  For me, courage was a hidden treasure.  It existed but it was buried too deep for me to see or feel.  I didn't really  have to dig too deep to grasp it during a very challenging season of grief, heartaches, financial woes, and failed relationships.  Those situations brought my courage to the surface.

Slave to Fear

It became insulting to me to be a slave to fear.

You mean, I am allowing myself to not progress because I'm afraid of what I don't know? It had to stop. I had to start telling myself that I would do it anyway.  That even if I had man-eating butterflies in my stomach, I would reach for my dreams and accomplish goals.  I told myself that even if I lost a few people in my circle that I would be just fine with a square.  I looked at my husband and my children and decided that they deserved to see me conquering my fears.  Maybe me doing so would encourage them to trample over theirs.

Get Inspired

I want to encourage you to HAVE COURAGE! Be confident in knowing that God is on your side.  You're afraid?  Do it anyway!  You are equipped with the tools you need to be strong and courageous.  Don't be fooled by how big that thing is that you fear. You're more than a conqueror so be courageous!

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