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The K. Behind These Resets: The Reader's Digest Version

I am making new friends and walking into new spaces so it's time to formally and conversationally introduce myself and what I do. What is this all about, you may ask? Well, it took a very long time to figure it all out but I finally have. Honestly, it took so long because I was trying to create a business that looked like everyone else's. I was doing what I thought I had to do. I was wearing myself out. It took many different life experiences for me to accept my truth and tailor my business to who I am. The fact is I color outside the lines on purpose and in the spaces I create, you are free to do the same. There it is. That's it. That's me.

I am an expressive wellness writer who creates spaces for people to find their creative formula and flow. Expressive writing is not judgmental and neither am I. You have the liberty to create based on what you see, what you hear, and how you feel. You discover YOUR formula and explore YOUR flow. Everyone has their own. If you work better at night rather than in the morning, cool. If Mondays just don't work for you but on Wednesdays you find yourself to be the most productive, awesome. However and whenever you flow, that's how and when you flow. I, too, flow how and when I flow. It took a long time for me to accept that but it is what it is.

I write and create when I'm inspired and honestly, I'm not always inspired. I'm a wife, mom, and business owner who will get distracted and sometimes I get overwhelmed. When I'm in those emotional spaces, I will not write. I can't write. It will be impossible for me to create if I am not taking care of my body, struggling with negative thoughts or fears, or connected to people who are not good for me. And you know what? I've given myself permission to be okay with that. I truly believe that to create wellness content (whether writing or speaking) that will be impactful and purposeful, I have to first take care of myself. Those weights often block my creativity so I focus on my well-being first and then I discover just how creative I can be. If I am creatively well, the content I create will be a blessing to writers, readers, listeners, collaborators, and participants alike. That's my prayer.

So, what do I do?

I am a wellness writer and Creative Wellness Coach who owns a growing multi-media publishing company that inspires women to create, heal, and grow. I’ve created a holistic and expressive writing-for-wellness approach to encourage women to prioritize their well-BEing and watch it manifest in what they DO.

In other words, we use expressive writing to peel back layers and explore how to better love ourselves. Digital magazines, podcasts, books, etc. are only some of the creative ways our inner work can be seen.

The other and most important testaments of our inner work show up in our emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being. And because all things are connected, you’ll see and experience changes in every area of your life because you will change. It’s not easy and it can be challenging, but you deserve the life you were created to live. You have a purpose and reason for being here. We can discover it together through writing and creating as you heal.

I love the work that I do because the foundation of my work is my lived experience. It’s what God and I have walked through together. Whether it’s through an article, a book, a podcast episode, an event, or a workshop, I’m telling a story to help you tell yours.

If you're struggling with purpose, write with me. If you want to be more creative, retreat with me. If you're ready to move forward, work with me. If you're ready to BE well, reset with me.

Let's connect! Stay in the know about upcoming opportunities to create, heal, and grow with me.


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