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The Secret to Happiness

“Happy birthday to you… Make a wish!” The celebratory song ended on the famous refrain; the one that usually brought a list of desires to the forefront of my mind. But this time, I was drawing blanks. I watched the candle melt towards the cake like a fuse on a bomb, getting closer and closer to the frosting. My chance to have a birthday wish was fleeting. In that moment it became apparent to me that I already had everything I could ever want in life-- and more.

Instead of slaving away whilst day dreaming of an idyllic future; my daily activities are fueled by a fiery passion formerly unknown to me. For some reason, I used to sacrifice my current happiness in an attempt to achieve happiness in the future. Essentially I was telling myself: “You will one day achieve happiness through being miserable now.” to motivate myself to attain what I believed would truly make me happy. I used to think that what I lacked in life was the source of my dissatisfaction, but I have since discovered that my dissatisfaction was a direct result of not valuing the things that I did have.

“Hurry! Make a wish!” My friend superstitiously exclaimed. Time was running out. Tears crawled out of my eyes. My vision was blissfully blurry.

“I already have everything that I want… I don’t need anything.” I choked.

“C’mon be selfish!”

“No really. I have everything I have always wanted. Everything I could possibly want.”

“Then make a wish for others.”

My eyes closed real tight as I thought of everyone in my life I was thankful for. And I blew out the candle, wishing that they too would find the fulfillment they seek.


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