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How to Keep It Moving

You are more powerful than you believe.

Working out consistently has always been an issue for me.  Although I know for sure that if I work out every day or just keep moving, I will not only lose the weight but also maintain it.

I don't know why we do this but sometimes we don't do the things we know we should do when we know we will be successful at it and it will make us happy.  Why is that?

There has to come a time when we have to evaluate our lives, identify our distractions, and keep it moving.

Powerful Momentum

The thought of being sore or just being tired distracts me.  The smell of yummy food or the sight of my comfortable bed also distracts me.  Sad, I know.  The thought of me having to eliminate the unhealthy foods I eat and love so much makes me cringe.  Just the thought of it!  I allow my thoughts to keep me from being my best self.  It keeps me from gaining any momentum on my journey because I'm tired and out of shape.

Trains are fast and powerful machines.  No matter how big of an object you put in front of that train, I guarantee it will plow right through that thing.  That train is on its way somewhere carrying something to someone.  We are just like trains.  We are powerful and have the ability to do things with a high level of energy.  No matter what may try to distract us, we have to keep moving.  We are on a mission.  We are on a mission to live out the life that was designed for us.  We should be carrying love, kindness and grace to someone somewhere each and every day.

Get Inspired

Distractions are inevitable.  That's just life.  Most distractions we can eliminated out of our lives for good but there are some that will show up unexpectedly.  What should we do?  Keep it moving. 


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