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When Change Makes an Appearance in Your Life

Change has come to my heart, my thinking, and my life. I have finally given in and accepted it. It's not always easy to accept change though. Sometimes it hurts and it's almost always uncomfortable. The reason for it is often puzzling and explaining it to people is impossible at times. You don't understand why the change is happening so how could you possibly explain it to them?

Change comes in many forms and it can happen in any season. One minute you're heading in one direction and the next minute you've done a complete 180. Sometimes you have people who come along for the ride and sometimes you experience change alone. Life as you've always known it becomes a life you never knew, either in an instant or gradually over time.

For me, change has been difficult. It has forced me to get out of my comfort zones and push myself beyond the limits I had grown so accustomed to. It now forces me to look at myself in the mirror and ask some really tough questions. Change has convinced me that some things I was taught growing up were a result of someone's disappointment or pain. I'm realizing that although change does not feel good most of the time, it is necessary and inevitable. I can't stop evolving because the seasons of life will bring change whether I want it or not. But why would I want things to stay the same? Why would I want to stay the same?

"Change begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Roy T. Bennett

My journey in life has not been traveled on newly constructed or paved roads. No smooth blacktop here, my friend. My life's journey has been more like detours on dark, muddy roads with deep ditches or potholes on dead-end streets. I've gone through seasons where I couldn't find my way from one point to the other. I was walking in darkness with absolutely no direction because I didn't know east from west. I would just pick a direction or move backward and get stuck in the mud. I would be in a situation trying to figure my way out but just couldn't get out of it alone. I've also been on my way to nowhere in relationships, in business ventures, and in career pursuits. On my way to nowhere damaging my emotions and causing myself avoidable pain. It's been rough but God remained good and unequivocally faithful. During the changes, He has proven to me that His love never fails.

Today, I am right in the middle of February and March in my life. I'm in the middle of seasons where some things in me have died and right on the brink of experiencing a newness of vision and life. Change is growth, that's all it is. Don't believe me? Go back through this post and replace the word "change" with "growth". Change or growth has come and I welcome it.


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