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Disconnect to Connect: How Nature Inspires and Fuels Growth, Healing and Creativity

Updated: Jan 17

This past weekend, I hosted a retreat of sorts. I spent months trying to choose the right venue without this gorilla named Anxiety riding my back too hard. Choosing a hotel, cabin, vacation location, or anything close to that normally shoots the anxiety through the roof. Notice I won't say "my anxiety". I'm not taking ownership of that.

Every time I spend time outside in nature, I leave with something. Every. Single. Time.

Why? Because it's the perfect time for me to tune into what life's daily distractions keep me away from. It's a chance for me to carve out moments for silence and calm.

To expand my vision and pray for more wisdom.

To reconnect to my "why" and be grounded in peace.

To be more present in the moment to feel everything. Every. Thing.

To refill my cup so I can have the fuel to continue collaborating with other businesses while we make an impact together.

If you haven't been outside, you need to get outside.

To see beyond what you can see.

To stand on a hill and see everything for what it is. Every. Thing.

To be inspired by the beauty God created for you to enjoy.

It's creativity. It's growth. It's healing. It's all love.

Although I didn't write a word when I was there, I certainly felt the results of this beautiful trip when I got back home. I felt more creative, recognized revelations, and felt more energized than I was before I left. I'm ready to do everything I THOUGHT I couldn't do but KNEW I could.

Getting out in nature is equivalent to smelling coffee grounds at the perfume counter for me. It's the reset I need for my senses to do their job without the distraction of other things. It's a chance to clear the path for what's real. It's a chance to just BE.

So, when and where are you going? When are you going to make it a priority to breathe? Give yourself a chance to "checkout"? Unwind? Get off the grid? When will you allow yourself to reset?


Side Note (a long one): I want to switch things up a bit.

I got really comfortable with the direction I was headed in with writing last year that I forgot about the direction that was designed for me to take. I'm a wellness writer, sure. But I got so caught up in the writing style of other wellness writers, that I forgot that I'm a convesational writer first.

Conversational writing styles are pretty loose. Unlike technical writing, sentences may be fragmented to display thought and most likely will be grammatically relaxed as well. Now, I'm not saying you will read blog posts where words are misspelled. I'm simply saying that when you read what I write, you should feel as if you're having a conversation with me. I don't know if this is good or bad but I'm about to start writing how I speak. I apologize in advance. 🙃

Even though my style will change, my message will not. I passionately believe in women's wellness and its versatility based on what you need. I do believe that writing is a way to invest in your wellness because it's most likely the release you've been needing if you're emotionally full.

If your creativity is blocked, try writing. If your brain fog gets too real, try writing. Writing is a way to make way for what you're working, believing, and praying for because it helps you release in order to make space to receive. Don't worry, I have a whole blog post dedicated to this coming to an inbox near you very soon.


Looking for some time to disconnect from the chaos and noise to connect with others and reconnect to your "why"? Join us in March for an overnight retreat for women leaders. The intinerary was carefully curated to provide value to you personally and professionally. Hope to see you there!


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