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The Power of Letting Go: Embracing Peace and Gratitude

Ever held on to something, a situation or a person, even when it wasn't serving you well? I know I have. That worn-out pair of shoes too comfortable to throw away, the toxic relationship masquerading as love, or the job that seemed like the 'safe' choice—we all have those things.

But sometimes, we have to make the brave choice to let go. I know. There are times that letting go feels so horrible. But, letting go isn’t about dismissing our past or experiences. It’s really about acknowledging them and then deciding that we no longer need to carry them with us. It's about NOT being a bag lady dragging things from season to season unnecessarily. If you've listen to Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady", you know what I'm talking about.

Personally, I used to carry around so much junk from my childhood. From hurt feelings to feeling abandoned, the weight got heavier and heavier because I just couldn't seem to let it go. It was exhausting. Until one day, I mustered the courage to set it down, to let it go. How? Yes, I prayed and had true and honest moments with God but I also went to therapy. My therapist was Heaven sent and she provided me with the tools I needed to be courageous enough to move on without all of that stuff. Listen, the lightness and freedom that came with that choice was like coming up for air and then taking it all in.

Now, I'm not saying "I have arrived". It was a journey and some days, it still is. But with patience and tons of self-love, I began replacing the weight of those burdens with gratitude. Instead of sitting in those feelings of rejection, I began to see them as learning experiences and stepping stones on my journey. I was able to understand why I was such a people-pleaser and why my emotional intelligence was at an all time low. Those heavy feelings I felt were no longer weights but wings guiding me forward into my purpose. And I did it by accepting and embracing peace and gratitude.

So, how about you? Are you willing to let things go? Start small, start with yourself. Instead of criticism, try pouring grace into you. For every negative thought, replace it with a grateful one. The stubborn wrinkle that won't go away? See it as a symbol of the laughter you've shared. The bills that seem overwhelming? They're proof of the roof over your head. It's all a matter of perspective, and the amazing thing is, you get to choose your viewpoint.

Understand that you're not alone in this. I know the journey to healing and peace can sometimes be lonely. You'll have waves of feeling like you're the only one going through what you are going through. But, you're not. We all have things we need to let go of at some points in our lives. No one is perfect. No. Not. One.

I'm encouraging you to acknowledge the strength it has taken to get you here to where you are now and it will take courage to get you where you want to go. Our hearts are capable of such love, such forgiveness - especially when directed at ourselves. They are our inner sanctuaries, our quiet corners of peace. Get in that corner and do some work even though you're afraid. Let peace overtake you. You'll get there. I promise.

As you continue your journey, remember always to hold onto your worthiness, cradle it close, and know that you are capable and deserving of change and growth. Above all, remember you deserve peace.


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